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What are the common problems of nitrogen generators?

Back Source: 超级管理员 Date: 2021.07.23

With the rapid development of the industrial industry, many related products have also been widely used. Take the nitrogen generating unit as an example. Its scope of use is now also very wide, because the equipment itself has many advantages, so It is favored by users, but there are often some problems in the process of using it. The following editor will talk about some of the common ones and tell you how to solve it. If you encounter it in the future, you will know how to solve it.

As a formal professional manufacturer of nitrogen generators, we have found that many users often encounter some problems when operating nitrogen generators. Here we will tell you some common ones. In general, nitrogen generators have air filtration. In addition to these problems, the front part of the nitrogen generator is not equipped with an activated carbon degreaser, and some users often report that its muffler has a large number of black particles ejected or is Some pneumatic valves are damaged. These are the problems that our customers usually report more frequently. When they encounter these things, most people don't know how to solve them. Don't worry, I will tell you the methods here.

If you also encounter these things when using a nitrogen generator, don’t panic. The solution is to install a timer drain at the air storage tank’s drain outlet. This is to reduce the post-processing load pressure. . In addition, during the use of the equipment, pay attention to check whether each timing drain is draining normally, and whether its air pressure is above 0.6Mpa. It is also necessary to check whether its nitrogen purity is stable. If these are unsatisfactory, there will be what everyone says is uncooling. Then the air filter must be changed every 4000 hours. The activated carbon filter can effectively filter oil, so that it can extend the life of use. For damaged pneumatic valves, replace them with new ones in time. So when you encounter these things, the solution is actually very simple. Just do what we say.

The above content is some things that are often encountered when using nitrogen generators. Many users don't know what to do, so they hurried to find maintenance personnel. After learning today, they can operate by themselves. If you have other questions, consult the manufacturer. They will solve it for you.