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Briefly describe the working principle of adsorption dryer

Back Source: 超级管理员 Date: 2021.07.23

Do you know the principle of adsorption dryer?

Using pressure swing adsorption and regeneration cycle, the compressed air flows through the two drying tanks A and B filled with adsorbent alternately. That is, when one tank absorbs water vapor under high partial pressure (working pressure), the other tank Analyze under low partial pressure (close to atmospheric pressure), and then switch according to the set time program.

Adsorption The humid air enters the drying tank A from the lower piping system through the A1 valve, flows through the adsorbent bed from bottom to top, and the dried air is discharged from the upper piping system.


The regeneration part of dry air (about 10%) enters the B drying tank through the regeneration air regulating valve of the upper piping system. The decompressed dry air (called regeneration gas) analyzes and regenerates the adsorbent in the drying tank B from top to bottom, and restores the drying capacity of the adsorbent. The regeneration gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the lower piping B2 valve and muffler.

Pressure equalization After the regeneration of the adsorbent is completed, the B2 valve is closed, and the B drying tank is boosted to the online working pressure, ready to switch.

Switching B1 valve of the lower piping system is opened, A1 valve is closed, A2 valve is opened, the two drying tanks A and B are switched, the B tank enters the adsorption, and the A tank is depressurized and regenerated. The working sequence and working time are automatically controlled by the controller.