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How to use it to increase the service life of the nitrogen generator?

Back Source: 超级管理员 Date: 2021.07.23

Do you know how to improve the service life of the nitrogen generator?

Nitrogen generators have now become essential equipment for many companies, but many workers know how to operate but don’t know how to maintain the equipment.

The main application scope of the nitrogen generator, such as the protection gas in the heat treatment of metals, the purification of industrial gases and various storage pipelines in chemistry, and the production of rubber and plastic products. It can be exhausted in the food industry to achieve the function of fresh-keeping packaging. There are also some special ones that are purifying in the beverage industry and used as a covering gas.

Of course, such a good product is also very good in the medical industry. The different purity, stability, pressure, flow, etc. all meet the various needs of different customers.



For any machine, maintenance is very important. Good maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the nitrogen generator. In addition to maintenance, the correct use of the nitrogen generator is also vital to the extension of machinery and equipment.

1. Turn off all the power switches, including the nitrogen generator, the nitrogen inlet valve and the sampling valve, and wait for the system and pipelines to be completely relieved of pressure. Adjust the oxygen analyzer for sampling and adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve to 1.0 bar, adjust the sampling flow meter, and adjust the gas volume to about 1. Note that the sampling gas volume should not be too large, and start testing the nitrogen purity.

2. The shut-off valve of the nitrogen generator can be opened only after the compressed air pressure reaches 0.7mpa or more. At the same time, attention should be paid to observe the pressure change of the adsorption tank and whether the pneumatic valve can work normally.

3. The pressure of the regeneration tower is zero, and the pressure of the two towers should be close to half of the pressure of the original working tower when it is uniform.

4. Close the entire system and all parts of the system, and observe whether the nitrogen generation system is working normally when the pressure of the adsorption tank of the nitrogen generator reaches about 0.6MPa.