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From which aspects should PSA nitrogen generators be selected?

返回列表 来源: 超级管理员 发布日期: 2021.07.23

Do you all know how to select the PSA nitrogen generator?

Master the general direction of psa nitrogen generator selection from the details) is an advanced gas separation technology that uses carbon molecular sieve as the adsorbent. It has an irreplaceable position in the field of gas supply in today's world. Used in all walks of life.

Among the hundreds of nitrogen-making enterprises, how should customers choose a nitrogen generator with good performance is the first choice for many customers. There are many problems involved in the selection of a nitrogen generator, but as long as we analyze it carefully , Compare, grasp the key points, you can get a satisfactory result.

Now let the editor show you how to choose a nitrogen generator with good performance.

First of all, before determining the specific model specifications (ie, nitrogen production per hour, nitrogen purity, outlet pressure, dew point), a comprehensive comparison and analysis of the performance and characteristics of the nitrogen generator should be emphasized, and at the same time, it should be based on its own existing environmental conditions. Make the right choice.


First, compare and analyze the nitrogen generators from the following aspects:

  A. The rationality of the whole system design;

  B. Carbon molecular sieve filling technology and compaction method;

  C. Control the service life of the valve;

  D. Research and development, manufacturing experience, user performance;

   Second, factors affecting the cost of nitrogen generators:

   1. One-time investment in the entire system;

   2. The service life of molecular sieve;

  3. The life and cost of accessories required during use;

   4. Operation and maintenance, maintenance costs and consumption of electricity, water, and compressed air;

   Third, the factors affecting the stability of the nitrogen generator:

   Nitrogen making machine is a high-tech product involving machinery, electricity, and instrumentation. The stability of the equipment is especially important in long-term use. It is not difficult to see from the composition of the nitrogen generator that the stability is affected by the following two points:

   1. Control valve:

   For the PSA nitrogen generator, the valve must have the following performance:

  A. Good material performance, absolutely no air leakage;

  B. Complete the opening or closing action within 0.02 seconds of receiving the control signal;

  C. Can withstand frequent opening and closing to ensure a long enough service life;

  2. Carbon molecular sieve is the core of variable pressure attached nitrogen generator:

  Carbon molecular sieve performance index:

  A. Hardness

  B. Nitrogen production (Nm3/T-h)

  C. Recovery rate (N2/Air)%

  D. Packing density

   The above indicators have been indicated by carbon molecular sieve manufacturers when they leave the factory, but they can only be used as reference data. How to maximize the effectiveness of carbon molecular sieve is directly related to the process flow of each nitrogen manufacturer and the height-to-diameter ratio of the adsorption tower.

   The above is the introduction of the selection of psa nitrogen generator