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CYD Type Waste Heat Regeneration Air Dryer
  • CYD Type Waste Heat Regeneration Air Dryer
  • CYD Type Waste Heat Regeneration Air Dryer

CYD Type Waste Heat Regeneration Air Dryer






the product introduction

Waste heat regeneration dryer is a new type of adsorption dryer, neither belongs to the thermal regeneration type, nor does not belong to the heat regeneration type, and belong to temperature adsorption, is the use of air compressor heat exhaust heat regeneration desiccant, adsorbent Even if the low-pressure conditions of 0.35Mpa use, as long as the compressor load rate of not less than 70%, the drying device can work reliably, it can make full use of its energy, with energy efficiency. Eliminate the micro heat regenerative dryer electric heater, while the regeneration of the heat when no gas consumption, waste heat regeneration of compressed air dryer is a new energy-saving compressed air drying equipment.


  the technical indicators

Working pressure: 1.3-1.0Mpa

Intake temperature: ≥ 100 ℃

Product gas atmospheric pressure dew point: ≤-40 ℃ (alumina) ≤-52 ℃ (molecular sieve)

Control: microcomputer automatic control

Duty cycle: 6-8h

Regeneration steam consumption: ≤2%


  technical characteristics

1, using the world's most advanced microcomputer controller, communication and control can be achieved, high performance.

2, the choice of high-quality butterfly valve, switch quickly, accurate and reliable action.

3, the use of gas diffusion device, the tower evenly distributed air flow, a unique way of filling, adsorbent long life.

4, the regeneration process The use of air compressor waste heat, renewable energy consumption is low.

5, the overall layout is reasonable, compact, easy to install, easy to use and maintain