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Cryogenic air separatioon equipment
  • Cryogenic air separatioon equipment
  • Cryogenic air separatioon equipment

Cryogenic air separatioon equipment






Introduction of Small Cryogenic Air Separation Equipment

Small deep-cold air separation plant using low-pressure process, the use of deep freezing and distillation of pure oxygen from the air and pure nitrogen, that is, using the principle of turboexpander refrigeration cycle liquefaction, according to the boiling point of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen And 99.6% pure oxygen and 99.99% or more purity nitrogen were obtained by secondary rectification in a fractionating column. According to need, change the operation can be made part of the liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and medical oxygen.


Introduction of Technological Process of Small Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

1. Air Compressor: The air is compressed by the air compressor 0.5Mpa~0.7Mpa。

2, pre-cooling: pre-cooling air in the pre-cooling unit to 5 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, and separation of water.

3, purification: air purification gas in the molecular sieve clear surplus of water, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons.

4, the expansion of the air: the expansion of air in the expansion of refrigeration equipment to provide the necessary cooling capacity.

5, heat exchanger: the main heat exchanger in the fractionator with the reflux of oxygen, nitrogen, nitrogen heat transfer for the sewage, nitrogen is re-cooled to the ambient temperature.

6, undercooling: liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen in the subcooler by the nitrogen and the nitrogen cold.

7, distillation: the air in the next column for distillation separation, in the top of the tower to obtain product nitrogen, obtained in the tower.






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