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PSA pressure swing adsorption
  • PSA pressure swing adsorption
  • PSA pressure swing adsorption
  • PSA pressure swing adsorption
  • PSA pressure swing adsorption

PSA pressure swing adsorption






Working principle

Nitrogen working principle, nitrogen is based on the principle of PSA, the use of high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, under a certain pressure, from the air in the nitrogen system. After purification and drying of compressed air in the adsorption device for pressure adsorption, vacuum desorption. Due to the aerodynamic effect, the diffusion rate of oxygen in the pore of carbon molecular sieve is much higher than that of nitrogen. The oxygen is adsorbed by the carbon molecular sieve preferentially, and the nitrogen is enriched in the gas phase to form the product nitrogen. And then decompression to atmospheric pressure, adsorbent desorption of oxygen and other impurities adsorbed, to achieve regeneration. General in the system to set two adsorption tower, a tower adsorption nitrogen, another tower desorption regeneration, through the PLC program control pneumatic valve opening and closing, so that the two towers alternate cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous production of high quality nitrogen .

The complete system consists of the following components: compressed air purification components, air tanks, oxygen and nitrogen separation unit, nitrogen buffer tank.


Compressed air purification group

Compressed air provided by the air compressor compressed air to the first access to the compressed air purification components, compressed air first by the pipeline filter to remove most of the oil, water, dust, and then by the freeze dryer to remove water, fine filter degreasing, dust, And by the superfine filter in the closely followed by deep purification. According to the system working conditions, Chen Rui air separation gas specially designed a set of compressed air degreaser, used to prevent the possible trace oil infiltration, for the carbon molecular sieve to provide adequate protection. Designed rigorous air purification components to ensure the life of carbon molecular sieve. The clean air after this component can be used for instrument air.


Air storage tanks

The role of the air tank is: to reduce the airflow pulsation, from the buffer; thereby reducing system pressure fluctuations, the compressed air smoothly through the compressed air purification components in order to fully remove impurities in oil and water to reduce the follow-up PSA oxygen nitrogen separation device load. At the same time, the work of the adsorption tower to switch, it is also PSA oxygen-nitrogen separation device to provide a short period of time required for rapid pressurization of a large number of compressed air, the adsorption tower pressure quickly rose to the working pressure, to ensure reliable and stable equipment run.


Oxygen and nitrogen separation device

There are A and B adsorption towers with special carbon molecular sieve. When the clean compressed air enters the inlet end of the column A and flows toward the outlet end through the carbon molecular sieve, O2, CO2 and H2O are adsorbed, and the product nitrogen flows out from the outlet end of the adsorption tower. After a period of time, A column of carbon molecular sieve adsorption saturation. At this time, A tower to automatically stop the adsorption, compressed air flow into the B tower for oxygen production nitrogen, and A tower molecular sieve regeneration. The regeneration of the molecular sieve is achieved by rapidly withdrawing the adsorption column to atmospheric pressure to remove the adsorbed O2, CO2 and H2O. Two towers alternately adsorption and regeneration, complete separation of oxygen and nitrogen, continuous output nitrogen. The above process is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). When the outlet nitrogen purity set value, PLC program, automatically open the valve to open, will be unqualified nitrogen automatically vented to ensure that the failure of nitrogen does not flow to the gas point. When the gas venting muffler muffler noise is less than 75dBA.

Nitrogen buffer tank

The nitrogen buffer tank is used to equalize the pressure and purity of the nitrogen separated from the nitrogen and oxygen separation system and to ensure a continuous nitrogen supply. At the same time, the work of the adsorption tower to switch, it will own part of the gas back to the adsorption tower, on the one hand to help adsorption tower step-up, also play a role in protecting the bed, in the equipment work process plays a very important process Supporting role.


Technical index of nitrogen making machine:



Dew point:≤-40℃               

Pressure:≤0.6Mpa Adjustable


Technical Features of Nitrogen Generator

1. Reasonable internal components, air distribution, reduce the impact of high-speed airflow.

2. Perfect process design.

3. Unique molecular sieve protection measures to extend the service life of carbon molecular sieve.

4. Intelligent interlocking unqualified nitrogen emptying device to ensure product nitrogen quality.

5. Optional nitrogen device flow, purity automatic adjustment system, remote control system.

6. Easy to operate, stable operation, high degree of automation, can achieve unmanned operation.


Application range of nitrogen generator

Metal heat treatment process of the protective gas, the chemical industry and the production of various types of gas storage tanks, pipeline nitrogen purification, rubber, plastic products, production of gas, food industry, oxygen fresh packaging, beverage industry purification and cover gas, pharmaceutical industry charge Nitrogen packaging and containers of nitrogen and oxygen, the electronics industry and semiconductor manufacturing process of electronic components such as gas protection. Purity, flow, pressure stability and stability, to meet the needs of different customers.